Tai Chi Classes and Qi Gong Instrustion are a part of your treatments 

Dr. Woolley will introduce you to the ancient Chinese techniques used to prolong, enhance, and energize every aspect of daily life.

Qi Gong and Tai Chi with its varying forms have existed and practiced daily in the East for millennia.  The elegantly slow movements evoke awe and wonder. 


You will learn how to combine movement with breathing and a quite mind to achieve a state of peace unknown to you at this time.  The simple daily techniques will immediately begin to assist you to slow down and regain your center.   Your mind will clear out and new creative thoughts will flood your being.


You’ll learn how to expand your lung capacity in addition to increasing overall longevity.  Sea mammals have a 95% lung capacity.  Humans utilize on average 15% of our lung capacity.  This will be enhanced significantly.


You will expand your awareness beyond current comprehension.  You will feel oxygen enriched blood move through your entire body.


One day you might find yourself in a stressful situation where you might “loose it” and apply these techniques to regain your strength, confidence and composure. 


You will learn how to relax and release stress at will anywhere any time.

And you will have fun while doing so.


 Qi Gong Notes.
 Qi Gong Breathing:Breathe in through the nose while exhaling through the mouth.  That is why we have hair in our noses and not in out throats.   Movement and postureExample:

Perform the movements in sync with the breathing.  Inhale while raising the knee, and forearm and exhale when lowering the knee, bending the leg and lower the forearm in front of your face. All the while keeping your spine straight and the weight on the proper foot.

Focus and count from 1 to 10 while exhaling.  Imagine the numbers appearing in front of you as you count.  If you loose your place or get distracted, pick up at about where you think you lost track.  DO NOT START OVER WITH ONE.  The mystery and key to any meditation is NOT TO STAY CENTERED OR FOCUSED, BUT RATHER TO ALWAYS RETURN TO CENTER OR FOCUS.  For it is impossible for any one in this universe to stay centered.  Centered implies a stationary position and there exists no such thing. A cyclist does not reside in perfect balance.  See but not see, hear but not hear, smell but not smell.  Be aware yet focused on one thing.  See the numbers as you breath.  Soon you can shift your focus to feel the sensation of O2 enriched blood pumping through your entire body as you breathe. 

After a while you will be able to focus and return to center easily, then you may focus on something of interest.  Like where did I put my keys last night?

 Empty MindTo exercise the mind in contemplation.   Focus on a subject or matter.This takes time so start with counting numbers 1 to 10, then graduate to a single question.

Tai Chi notes


Praying Mantis:

1)      Feet Shoulder length apart.

2)      Knees slightly bent with knees over toes.

3)      Balance on heel and ball of foot evenly.

4)      Tuck the “Dan Tien” foreword.

5)      Spine straight as though you could feel every vertebral spinous process hit the wall behind you.

6)      Head suspended by a thread at the top of the skull.

7)      Tongue touching slightly at the roof of your mouth.

8)      Mouth slightly open with your teeth lightly touching.



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